Verrucas are a viral infection of the superficial layer of the skin. They generally go away on their own, however, if they are spreading or become painful, then treatment may be required.


Topical Acid

Chiropody strength salicylic acid is a non-invasive simple treatment. Applied over the verruca after gentle debridement, it instigates an immune response.


This is controlled destruction of the tissue. It involves freezing the verruca after gentle debridement. Ice is formed within and around the cell, disrupting the cell where the virus inhibits.

Verruca Needling (Falknor's Needling Method)

This is an innovative procedure where local anaesthesia is used to numb the foot or locally on the area around the verruca. The verruca is then punctured with a needle multiple times to encourage a controlled inflammatory response, which stimulates the body’s immune system to resolve the problem. The success rate is generally high and most patient's only need the one treatment, with a follow up after a few weeks.